Advantage of AAC Blocks !!!

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20 May, 2022

Advantage of AAC Blocks !!!

Some of the advantages of AAC Blocks are as follows:

Sr.No. Detail Advantage of Block
1 Structural Saving AAC blocks reduce the dead weight, which leading to reduce steel consumption in the construction of building due to its lightweight as well as its reduced the consumption of cement and mortar.
2 Eco Friendly It produces at least 30% less solid waste than traditional concrete. There is a decrease of 50% of greenhouse gas emissions. 

AAC blocks are made by Fly ash or Pond Ash or Sand via a non-polluting process of steam curing comprising of non¬toxic elements.

Hence AAC blocks are a more eco-friendly product for construction.

3  Cost-Effective • Reduces operating costs by 30P/0 to 40%. 

• Reduces overall construction cost by 2.5% as it requires less jointing and reduces the need for cement and steel.

• High-insulation blocks save up to 30% in energy costs. o Variety in sizes of blocks helps increase the carpet area

• Wall painting and plastering last longer as almost nil efflorescence affects (Brand Name). This translates into lower maintenance costs.

4 Acoustic Insulation AAC blocks offer unmatched acoustic insulation. Boost high sound absorption.
5 Precision • Available in exact sizes. 

• Results in smooth walls with perfect contact between different elements.

• Reduces cement and steel usage

6 Light Weight AAC blocks are 3 times lighter than traditional bricks, making it easier to transport and reduce the construction time.
7 Faster Construction AAC block cut down on construction time by 25 % due to its dimension, lightweight, and leas number of joints.
8 Earthquake Resistant The effect of earthquake is proportional to the weight of the structure. 

AAC blocks being a lightweight subdues any damage by quakes or high winds largely.

9 Water Proof MC blocks have a microscopic cellular structure of aerated pores, which has less water absorption property than regular bricks. 

Hence, building built by AAC blocks almost 80 % water-resistant.

10 High Strength AAC Blocks have higher strength than regular bricks as compared to regular bricks due to steam curing at high pressure and high temperature.
11 Workability and Flexibility MC blocks can be cut easily, drilled easily, nailed easily, and grooved easily. 

This allows the installation of electrical and sanitary fitting even after structure construction is complete.

12 Fire Resistant Owing to the unique cellular bee-hives like structure, the fire resistance quotient of AAC blocks is very high. 

It can withstand up to 1400 ‘C and has a fire rating of 4 to 5 hours.

13 Non-Toxic There are no toxic gases or other toxic substances in autoclaved aerated concrete. 

It neither attracts rodents or other pests, nor can it be damaged by such.

14 Great Ventilation This material is very airy and allows diffusion of water. This reduces the humidity inside the building. 

AAC will absorb moisture and release humidity. This helps to prevent condensation and other problems that are related to mildew.

15 Pest Resistant  / Anti Termite With the precision ratio of AAC Blocks being very high, it results in smooth finishing preventing pests. 

The use of inorganic material also inherently prevents algae and fungi growth